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Theron`s Meat Products keep a range of quality fresh meats that compliment their processed meat products.
Theron`s proudly manufacture 100% pure Beef Hamburger patties and lean beef mince.
We are well known for our wide variety chicken products that are NOT BRINE INJECTED.
Pure Quality @ REAL FACTORY prices!

This range of quality fresh meats is suitable for Household use, Restaurants, Take-Aways, Hotels and Guest houses.

Fresh chicken breast fillet

Theron`s import fresh chicken breast filet from Belgium to ensure that only the finest quality end up on your plate!

Chicken Livers

Theron` sell high quality chicken livers at very competitive prices. This product is high in protein and the perfect food to strengthen …

Chicken leg quarters

Theron`s import our chicken products from Belgium. Belgium is well known for the quality of it`s poultry, pork and potato products. Chicken …

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