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Theron`s Bacon and Smoked Specialities

Theron`s Meat Products is one of only a few manufacturing facilities that still make use of traditional methods to prepare bacon and smoked specialties. The bacon range is rindless and very lean.Theron`s is proud to make use of the traditional wood smoke method, fast becoming a rarity. Only the best meat cuts are sourced, pickled and spiced, wood smoked and then cooked to perfection. Theron`s decadent Rib range, includes Cooked and Smoked Shoulder ribs and Top Quality Belly ribs. The rare Shoulder rib range is taking Gauteng and Mpumalanga by storm!

Theron`s Streaky Bacon

Streaky bacon is cut from the pork belly – typically referred to as “streaky”, “fatty”, or “American style” bacon.

Theron`s Shoulder Bacon

Bacon is a cured meat prepared from a pig. It is first cured by pickling the product with a salt brine solution. …

Theron`s Short Back Bacon

Back bacon is bacon prepared from centre-cut boneless pork loin. The name refers to the cut of meat, which is from the …

Theron`s Gammon

The word Gammon comes from the old northern French word; Gambon. In modern French known as Jambon. This derives from the word …

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