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@ Theron`s Meat Products we never have a dull moment! Apart from sharing up to date news that empowers and add value to the general consumer`s life, our Company like to share a bit of our heart on these pages. We actively take part in numerous interesting and uplifting community projects, and would like the public to get involved as well! Read and share our inspirational experiences with your friends and family.


Never fear when Theron`s is near ! THERON`S STOCK a PORK FREE product range to delight the palette! For those of you …

Theron`s TOP TEN Braai Tips

Invite friendly positive people – No need for negative Joes. Visit Theron`s for quality at real factory prices. Support local businesses in …

How to Save on Food Expenses

A recent headline in papers suggests that food price hikes are lurking in the near future. This is a legitimate cause for …

The Origin of Processed Meats

DID YOU KNOW Sausage is one of the oldest forms of processed food and seems to have been the first processed meat …

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