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Theron`s Processed Meat Manufacturing Facility

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Our Proud Heritage

Meat Facility of Theron's meat ProductsTheron`s Meat Products was founded in 1983 by the family Theron. The business started out as a small processing meat manufacturing plant in Elson Street, Pretoria West. The facility was very simple and focused on making polonies, Russians, Vienna’s and bacon. These products were mainly manufactured to create extra income and to compliment the fresh meats sold through the chain of Theron`s butcheries, started by the current owner; Dawie Theron`s grandfather: Dawid Theron senior.

Since the age of 13 years Dawie was up at 04h00 in the morning during school holidays to work alongside his friends in the butchery. During this period of time he became a master of sosatie making, carrying parcels for customers, packing products and cleaning the work stations. Dawie qualified himself as block man and also gained valuable experience and insight into the wholesale part of the business, buying meat from local abattoirs in the early 1980`s.

This practical experience definitely paved the way for his understanding of process flow, productivity in the work place, and the importance and worth of investing in world class equipment, in order to build a processed meat manufacturing plant of note. Thus: the foundations of our brand new facility were laid long before any actual digging was done on the plot next to the old factory facility. Gaining insight into the inner workings of what makes a business successful, paved the way, to what is today; our pride and honour.

Dawie Theron junior took over the management of Theron`s Meat Products in 1991, and set out to transform the factory into a facility that could service more than just the Theron family butcheries. The goal was to become a manufacturer of note, supplying large wholesale and retail businesses, with a wider range of value added processed meats. In the early years the facility was situated on the first floor of the wholesale property. The facility had only one heavy duty lift to aid in receiving tons of raw meat, spices and packaging materials. To add to the challenge; receiving, production, dispatch and administration was managed on one floor consisting of roughly 200 square meters. Starting out Dawie was the manager, secretary, bookkeeper and sales representative all in one!

Within a year the processed meat plant was profitable and the best was yet to come! In 1995 the public was welcomed into the business to buy at wholesale prices. Theron`s Meat products is proud of our commitment to our valued customers and up to this day sell our quality products at real factory prices.

The business grew in leaps and bounds from the late nineties, and from the start it was evident that a new facility would be the only solution to stay ahead of sales and manufacturing demands. The facility in Elson Street could never keep up with the growth in product demand. To find a suitable property proved to be a challenge for a period of 14 years! During this time many upgrades was done to the old facility, but these upgrades only solved the space problems on a temporary basis.

In the year 2009 the Company acquired the property next to the existing factory and set out to build a new facility, which would be on the best of international standards. Extensive research was done on the best machinery and equipment the industry has to offer. With attentive focus on health and safety standards, operational systems and the demands of human resources, the rebuilt of Theron`s Meat commenced in March 2009.

  • Phase 1 – The new Factory shop was completed and opened on the 9th of November 2009.
  • Phase 2 – The ground floor administration offices was completed in March 2010.
  • Phase 3 – The new Dispatch department was fully operational on the 2nd of December 2011 (Coincidently the date of Dawie`s 50th birthday)
  • Phase 4 – The new offices for Management, as well as the production and receiving departments was completed and fully functional in August 2013.


This new era for Theron`s Meat Products was officially marked by having a formal unveiling of the new facility on October the 13th, 2013. Guests were treated to a Hollywood style Oscar evening and included clients, suppliers, friends and family of the business. These celebrations rang in a new ERA for the next generation of Theron`s and their much appreciated personnel. Some of which have more than 20 and 30 years of service.

Following unparalleled growth, our very successful factory shop and hot food section needed an upgrade after only 6 years of doing business. In order to meet the ever growing demand for good home cooked food @ affordable prices, we needed more preparation space and heavy duty stoves and flat top grills.

The upgrade to the hot food section gave us the opportunity to give the factory shop a bit of a modern “face lift” to enhance the consumers buying and service experience.

This year, in our 32nd year of existence, we are humbled for the success that followed hard work and perseverance. We pride ourselves in serving our community and contributing to economic growth, by selling Theron`s Meat`s QUALITY products @ TRUE FACTORY PRICES.

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