Theron`s Meat Products Part of the Community

Theron`s Meat Products Part of the Community

Theron`s Meat Products – Food for all seasons

Quality products – DIRECTLY to the public

– Pretoria News Paper article 24 September 2012 –

Theron`s Meat products pride themselves in their wide variety quality processed meats, suitable for all seasons. Having a hearty South African braai on Heritage day this coming Monday, is within reach of all South Africans!

Visit Theron`s Meat product`s Factory shop for quality braai products at wholesale prices DIRECT TO THE PUBLIC. Food cost savings in the current economic climate of austerity, is a challenge. The good news is that Theron`s Meat products extend their wholesale prices to the public to ensure a welcome shelter against the storms of food price hikes, that strike often and hard.

The affordability and quality of Theron`s Meat products, is spreading like wildfire! The consumer can be assured of excellent service and quality when visiting the landmark factory shop in Mitchell street Pretoria West. You too can have a celebration on Heritage Day with Theron`s famous boerewors, succulent pork spare ribs, tender kassler chops and decadent bacon sosaties!

We have previously reported that Theron`s is actively involved in the socio economic development of their community. While attending the Down Syndrome Association’s winter ball this year, Dawie and Sonja-Liezel Theron, Owner and managers of Theron`s Meat Products, met Mr Thys Streicher, guardian of the association.

Streicher is better known as ‘Thys die bosveldklong’ and is the host of the popular television program, Bring and Braai on KYKNET. Theron`s Meat products is very proud to be the sponsors of the meat products that will be used in the dishes prepared over an open fire, and showcased on this season of the Bring and Braai television series. The fact that Theron`s Meat Products was chosen to be used on this public platform, is testimony to the quality and popularity of their excellent product range. The team at Theron`s is excited to see their products being transformed into world class braai dishes by contestants. Theron`s Meat Products will also be the staple food to energize the film crew behind the scenes, whilst shooting the new season of this popular television series.

With National Braai Day around the corner, Theron`s decided to have a braai picnic at Nkwe Nature Reserve in Lynnwood Road.

PD House printing is their proud media printing partner and they are planning a festive celebration of South Africa`s rich heritage to coincide with the launch of their new public persona and printed media advertising campaign. Theron`s would like to thank Mr Christo Esterhuysen, CEO of PD House Printing, for walking the extra mile to make this day extra special.

Theron`s meat products distinguish themselves from their competitors in keeping their pulse on the needs of the average man on the street, and adapting to economic challenges with-out compromising on product quality and outstanding service to their customers.

Make use of their WHOLESALE prices this weekend and celebrate Heritage Day around a friendly South African fire!

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