Theron`s Russians

Theron`s Russians are at the top of the list of flagship products we manufacture. During the nineties the processed meat industry started manufacturing cheap Russians for the lower income group of consumers. Theron`s as a company had to decide if we are going to reduce the quality of our Russians to expand our market share of this particular product. Our CEO Dawie Theron had no difficulty in deciding that Theron`s will not compromise on the quality of any product manufactured by us. This decision proved to be an investment of note, as our Russians became known for the quality and affordability it still holds today. All our products are wood smoked and we only use the best raw products and ingredients we can source from Europe.

Recently the market once again demanded an even more affordable product for the lower income group of consumer, and once again our CEO Dawie Theron rised to the occasion. Without changing the meat content or any other ingredient in our famous Theron`s Russians he found better cooking methods to produce Mnandi Russians. (Mnandi meaning: “lekker”)

Once again the market received this product with the appropriate enthusiasm it deserves.

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