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Izak Davel Ambassador of note!

At Theron`s we are proud of supporting our employees to chase their dreams.

Being a Company that focuses on being strong as a team, entails more than just training employees to be skilled, or making lists of duties. The strength of our Company lies in the management`s ability to understand the dreams of the individual that is part of our team, and by getting actively involved in helping our employees reach their dreams!

We boast an accountant that is a spectacular dancer – Lizet van Rooyen.

Her dream was to have the courage to dance on stage. This dream became a reality when she danced on stage at our 30th Birthday Celebrations on the 13th of October 2013. The dream was made more spectacular by dancing to the live performance of “This thing called love” performed by none other – The man himself : Izak Davel!

Now is the time for Team Theron to stand together and help Izak reach one of his dreams!

Support Izak

That of becoming the 2016 #JoopIzak  ambassador!

PLEASE VOTE for Izak Davel, our brand ambassador and sales representative, to become the 2016 Joop ambassadorHe is a worthy ambassador, Theron`s can vouch for that! Sms #JoopIzak to 48465, or #JoopIzak on social media. THAT IS NOT ALL! You stand a chance to win an experience of a lifetime – Izak will give away 4 Double tickets to the unveiling of the winner on 17 March! A celebration not to miss! Voting closes 11 March. Share your votes on his Facebook page by following this link. He would like to see who cast the most votes.


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